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Women Who Tech is a nonprofit organization to bring together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology to transform the world and inspire change. Since we started in 2008, we have produced several Women Who Tech TeleSummits packed with some of the most thought-provoking discussions led by startup investor Joanne Wilson, Arianna Huffington, WordPress usability expert Jane Wells of Automattic, Shaherose Charania of Founders Labs and Women 2.0, Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas, Elisa Camahort Page of BlogHer, and more. The Women Startup Challenge will give women a platform to showcase their startups and get the support that they need. We have been inspired by the rise of women in tech organizations who are working to change the ratio and advocating for STEM. Equally important is getting women startups more access to funding. A whopping 90% of investor money worldwide goes to startups founded by men. That number has barely budged in a decade. To help address this enormous problem, we launched the Women Startup Challenge. We know that there are many women startups that have the right ideas, whose products can solve problems, and can change the world. But to scale and be successful, these startups need funding, advice, and guidance.

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Collaboration Goals To Break Down Barriers and Get More Women Startups Funded To Mobilize a Network of Women Startups To Highlight that Women-Led Startups Have Big Exits

Resources Find women startup funding info, facts and stats, articles, studies, organizations and blogs at www.womenwhotech.com/resources.

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Extras The Women Startup Challenge Podcast series features women founders pitching their tech ventures before prominent investors.


  • We want to help women pitch their ventures, and get their startups funded.
  • We want to help connect the dots and start a network to introduce women startups to investors.
  • We organize the Women Who Tech TeleSummit, with talks by women in technology, startups, and social media.
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  • Nonprofit
  • Online

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