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Women in AV establishes a multi-faceted approach to educating, supporting, encouraging and inspiring women in the audiovisual industry through collaboration, research, mentoring and networking opportunities. Women in AV strive to: Promote collaboration, sharing of ideas, and brainstorming about all things AV; Provide a compassionate environment where treading in new areas for the first time is appreciated and encouraged; Support a balanced work/life principle where having success in one area never compromises the other; Recognize the achievements, successes, and challenges of Women in the AV industry; Research and educate women about opportunities for advancement within the audiovisual industry; Mentor and offer young women assistance to advance his or her education and experience; Sponsor social and business networking opportunities to establish relationships and partnerships; Leverage our partnerships for advancing our individual businesses, women-owned business and other under-recognized organizations in the AV industry; Establish a supportive forum for women to openly share thoughts and ideas on professional and personal topics; Align with industry associations that drive the AV industry; And, pioneer sustainable business models to streamline daily requirements of commerce and advocate responsible, social and economically business practices.

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