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At Vic ICT for Women we are passionate about getting more women into ICT and encouraging them excel, keep exploring and expanding their potential. We believe ICT offers great career opportunities and options for women and we seek to actively demonstrate this to all ages, starting with schoolgirls all the way to working with industry leaders to shape the future and the thinking. Our vision is “More women in the tech world”. Click Here to find out more about our programs. To attract young women into STEAM careers, Go Girl Go For IT is our record-breaking program for high-school age girls. We deliver a showcase of tech careers designed to put stars in their eyes and future salaries in their pockets We’re all about keeping women in their chosen careers. Our programmes, Importance of Women in IT and What’s Hot in IT provide career insights and networking to give them the edge.

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Collaboration Goals When it comes to starting careers, Go Grad helps STEAM grads with career planning and networking. Women are often the only ‘chick on the crew’ in their careers so we give them a network that will have their backs

Resources Our Go Grow mentoring programme connects mentors and mentees to really move careers along.

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Extras Our groundbreaking White Paper told the real story of diversity in STEAM careers.


G.P.O Box 4572
Melbourne, Victoria 3001

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  • Our full name is The Victorian Information Communication Technology for Women Network.
  • We are mentoring, training and connecting our individual members.
  • We are the voice of leadership.
  • Womens' Programs
  • STEM Programs
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+0407 457 249

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