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Created by the Society for Women's Health Research, The Raise Project helps women find and apply for awards and grants in science, technology, engineering, math, and mathematics. The RAISE Project data is gathered by systematically searching the websites for posted awards. Data is collected by search of the award listings of scientific societies and relevant professional organizations. The data is “scraped” from the site, entered into a content management system, parsed into awardees, award, year of award, awarding body, and the sex of the recipient. It is not always possible to determine whether someone is male or female by name alone, so it is fortunate for data collection that photographs are usually posted on the website. This has made identification of the sex much easier. However, we do not categorize by ethnic identity.

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Resources The RAISE Project brings together awards from all different areas of STEM & medicine. It is the only project that lists over 2350 awards as well the winners and breaks down the distribution between men and women.

Extras Experience has taught us that in order to make a change, you must first gather the data.


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  • The world's largest awardee database.
  • Tracking women's STEM achievements.
  • Nominates candidates for the right awards.

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