TechGirlz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations, by focusing on girls at the crucial middle school age. We offer free workshops to get girls interested in different kinds of technology, show them varied career options, and connect them with professionals in technology fields. Through our free hands-on TechShopz in a Box, we show them that technology can match their interests and be fun and rewarding.

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Collaboration Goals We'd like to get more teachers to volunteer to teach TechShopz workshops.

Resources Download lesson plans and projects for middle school girls at

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A network of young innovators.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101
United States


  • Dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology.
  • TechGirlz produces free and fun projects so anyone can try tech.
  • Predicted to reach more than 20,000 girls by 2020.
  • Girls' Programs
  • STEM Programs
  • Lesson Plans


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