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Shine The Light is an international campaign that encourages people to boost the profile of incredible women around the world who are pushing boundaries using technology. Join the Internet Society and meet women and girls around the world who are changing the online world. There are offices in the US and Switzerland.

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Collaboration Goals SIG Women’s main interest is in the work and empowerment of women in technology issues. It seeks to be a neutral space for projects, initiatives, and stakeholders that advocate for greater inclusion of women in technology and contribute to gender equality in the field.

Resources Meet the women of Shine the Light and share your stories:

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Extras Do you have a great idea to change the world using the internet? Would 30K help? Find out how to fund your project through Beyond the Net.

Beyond The Net


1775 Wiehle Avenue
Reston, Virginia 20190
United States

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  • Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Programme
  • The Internet Society Fellowship to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • IGF Ambassadors Programme
  • Girls' Programs
  • Womens' Programs
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