she++ works to empower underrepresented groups in technology by dismantling negative stereotypes surrounding technical careers. We aim to dispel the misconception that computer science by rebranding what it means to be a technologist. We begin with the people we know best — high school and college students. With our resources and guidance, high schoolers and college students experience, firsthand, computer science’s capacity for social impact and problem-solving. Our students pay it forward by becoming advocates for our movement and reaching out to their communities and schools. Together, we’re building the next generation of technologists by encouraging self-confidence and individuality in the classroom and workplace. We hope that these young technologists will continue to foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity in technical careers.

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Collaboration Goals she++ is a social enterprise that empowers women to make their mark on the technology industry. We believe that when women are equally represented in technology development, we accelerate innovation for those who need it most. she++ works with the ambassadors to organize events focused on increasing diversity, awareness, and computer science education, customized for each group. Via a grassroots movement that unites changemakers around the world, the she++ Ambassadors Program sets a standard for diversity, culture and respect for technology communities.

Resources The #include Fellowship provides resources to high school students who wish to facilitate conversations about the importance of diversity in technology. Each fellow is given an all-expenses-paid opportunity to attend a summit in Silicon Valley.

Hashtags #goodgirlsgonegeek

Extras The award-winning she++ Documentary has been translated into a dozen languages and is touring the world with the U.S. Department of State.


Stanford, California
United States

The London chapter is promoting CS education in the UK by hosting she++ events
and establishing their own UK high school program.

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  • A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2012.
  • The she++ Ambassadors Program aims to promote access to and
  • diversity in technology on a global scale.
  • Almost 40 ambassadors spanning 5 continents extend she++’s reach to other colleges, universities and communities.
  • STEM Programs
  • Lesson Plans
  • Nonprofit

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