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The Million Women Mentors® (MWM) movement supports the engagement of millions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) mentors (male and female) to increase the interest and confidence of girls and women to persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers by 2020. MWM is the movement that aims to change the face of women and girls, their career choices and advancement. Engaged nationally we have over 43 states with pledges and steering committees; 60 leading corporations/sponsors and 60 partners/non-profits. We have global, veterans, entrepreneurship committees that are expanding the movement. It is about scaling up and ensuring that women and girls are encouraged and supported to get in and stay in STEM careers. Through the engagement of one million mentors, our goals are to: 1. Increase the percentage of high school girls planning to pursue STEM careers. 2. Increase the percentage of young women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields. 3. Increase the percentage of women staying and advancing in STEM careers through supporting workforce mentoring programs. By creating your account at, individuals, organizations and companies are creating a one to four year pledge to join the “million” mentors. Through this agreement with MWM, a commitment is made to mentor a girl or woman in STEM for 20 hours out of the year. By mentoring, you are helping girls and women succeed in STEM careers. MWM Will Lead a call to action for corporations to join MWM and capture metrics around girls and young women in STEM. Provide an automated, scale-able, and easy-to-use platform to eliminate barriers and facilitate large numbers of STEM professionals (male and female) with tools to become effective mentors, in partnership with 60+ national organizations reaching over 30 million girls. Match participating corporations to scaled non-profit partners and educational institutions in need of STEM mentors and role models. Build and support state teams to execute MWM at the local level. Recognize best practices and "who is doing what" in mentoring girls (middle school through careers) in STEM.

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  • Million Women Mentors will support the engagement of one million STEM mentors.
  • MWM increase the interest and confidence of girls and young women to persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers.
  • MWM is an initiative of STEMconnector in collaboration with over 30 leading national organizations.
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