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The Latinas in Computing (LiC) community was established with the help of the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology (ABI) after a Birds of a Feather session at the 2006 Grace Hopper Conference entitled Latinas in Engineering. There, a group of energized Latinas from industry, government labs and academia discussed the strengths of this growing community and the misconceptions affecting its members. We talked about our experiences as double minorities, including the self-limiting beliefs that can interfere with our ability to excel and establish ourselves as leaders in computational fields. Given the common experiences discovered by participants in this initial event, Latinas in Computing established as its first goal to define key strategies to promote leadership and professional development among the current and next generations of Latinas in technology.

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Resources An active community has allowed us to increase our participation at the Grace Hopper Celebration. We started with one Birds of a Feather session in 2006, to having multiple panels and presentations.

Latinas in Computing


  • The LiC community has grown to upwards of 150 members.
  • Continually attracts new members via conferences and workshops.
  • A strong student membership and a number of distinguished members.
  • Womens' Programs
  • STEM Programs
  • Free

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