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Code the Future is a global community of volunteer developers and educators providing opportunities for students of all ages, in schools of all locations to learn how to code. Founded in November 2014 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Code the Future connects volunteer developers with teachers and schools to make these opportunities possible. Code the Future aims to move the generation of tomorrow from consumers of technology to creators and producers. Through these experiences, students are equipped with the skills to not only use technology but to make it work for them. We connect core stakeholders, getting developers into schools collaborating and working side by side with educators and their students. It is through these partnerships that students will be provided with authentic, real world opportunities and have the chance to take coding to the next level in schools. Any age, any language. The possibilities are endless.

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Collaboration Goals * Create collaborative partnerships between educators and developers * Develop greater accessibility to coding education across Australia...and the world * Engage students in learning driven by problem solving, developing logical and computational thinking skills * Advocate for quality coding education in schools

Resources Our technology connects school teachers offering coding opportunities with local, willing software developers happy to volunteer their time to help out.

How Code the Future is Making a Difference


  • Educators: Teachers, innovators, changemakers. Help your students Code the Future.
  • Developers: Coders, programmers, engineers. We can't do it without you.
  • Community: You believe in a future where all children learn to code. Help us.
  • Girls' Programs
  • Womens' Programs
  • STEM Programs

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