#brainbabe is a thought leadership platform founded by Deidre Kashou Diamond dedicated to increasing the hiring of women in the Cyber Security and Technology professions, while also supporting those already in the professions with a communication framework that will advance and empower both women and men in the workplace. Calling a person a #brainbabe isn’t about calling them a “babe,” or about how someone looks. It's about pushing back on the technology community to look at why we still have “booth babes,” and supporting necessary changes to better attract and utilize women in cyber security. For the few of you who don’t like the name—we will change it when booth babes no longer exist!

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  • Brainbabe directly impacts three statistics: that 11% of the cyber security workforce is comprised of women;
  • That only 1% of leaders in the cyber community are women;
  • And that 53% of women end up leaving the industry.
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