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Boolean Girl is a nonprofit organization in Arlington, VA, whose mission is to address the declining numbers of girls and women in STEM fields by providing girls in third through eighth grades with meaningful, hands-on instruction and sustained exposure to computer science and engineering in a collaborative and welcoming environment. Through after school clubs, enrichment classes, summer camps, special events, and strategic partnerships, we use our Boolean Box, a self-contained, build-it-yourself computer, to inspire all children to code, build, invent, and animate. In our after-school clubs and camps, we teach kids to code in Scratch - an introductory programming language developed by MIT in which elementary school aged kids use graphical blocks to build interactive stories, animated videos, puzzles and games. After mastering Scratch, we take middle school aged kids along a progressive learning path in which they learn Python (an advanced programming language used around the world at companies like Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, Survey Monkey and Facebook) to include projects in electronics, physical computing, and more. In addition to our live classes, we have also launched Boolean University - our free, self-paced, online classroom where we make curriculum and project ideas available that begin with simple, prescriptive instructions and progress to complex physical computing and circuitry projects. BooleanU provides children who can’t attend a class or camp with an entry point to coding and supports those students who want to stay engaged once their class or camp has finished. BooleanU is a critical component of our strategy for meeting two key goals – reaching more girls (and boys) and keeping them engaged over time.

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Collaboration Goals There are a lot of ways to work with Boolean Girl. We are experts at providing workshops for girls (really all kids), we bring everything we need, set up, execute and inspire. Let us know if you have an event we can help with. We are continuously growing our courses and welcome any assistance. How can you assist? 1) Make a donation ( 2) Help write up course materials. Got an idea for a project or class? Work with us to bring it to life. 3) Offer services like graphic design, testing and validation, proof reading content, web design....

Resources Boolean University offers free projects online. Projects are designed for beginner programers.

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