AchieveUnite focuses on partner profitability and sales enablement. The company was built by experts with over 100 years of experience in partnering, channel and collaboration. One of AchieveUnite’s programs includes ACE Leadership By Influence, a uniquely designed program delivering high-quality professional development, leadership training, and expertise typically reserved for the organizational elite in a high-impact virtual environment. Expand your knowledge, enhance your leadership, and accelerate your career success.

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Collaboration Goals ACE Collaborative Learning is an 8-week course. Each 90 minute session is designed as a “flipped classroom,” where participants are required to complete assignments prior to each peer group meeting. This format transforms the live meetings into a space where participants assimilate new knowledge from one another and apply it to real-life situations, all under the direction of a skilled instructor. Rather than learning in isolation, participants can problem solve in real time and empower one another with uniquely targeted and valuable feedback. Are you looking to: Create a personal and authentic brand of leadership Build your personal channel leadership roadmap Develop new behaviors that align with being a strong leader Navigate challenging relationships Become more influential while maintaining your confidence and soul? Then, ACE is perfect for you! Follow the URL below to learn how ACE training can increase your impact in every aspect of your career.

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