About AWITConnect 

AWITConnect is a searchable online directory of technology organizations focused on girls and women. We’re bringing together the efforts of different groups and amplifying them — this is a one-stop site for people to explore tech groups around the world. 

This website is for tech organizations that would benefit from collaboration with other organizations and any individual or organization who would benefit from knowing about women in tech resources.

Use this site to: 

  • Grow the number of women who pursue careers in IT

  • Expand the workforce to alleviate the skills gap and brings a balance of leadership styles and interpersonal skills into the IT workplace

  • Get information from a variety of avenues with resources about women in tech so you can be a key player in the tech space. 

  • Increase the efficacy of women in tech organizations


Create a listing for your group

We’ve got hundreds of groups online already — search the site to make sure your group has a dedicated page. Claim your listing or sign up for a free profile. Fill out the information with your organization name, logo, who you serve and your mission and services you provide. You can also include the areas you serve, the events you hold and how people can get involved with your group.

You can add your group if:  

  • Women and girls in tech are part of your core mission.

  • You’re a nonprofit that serves girls and women with hands-on programs, lessons in empowerment or mentoring and role model programs.

  • You help underserved populations get into technology and find long-term careers. 

Add your technology organization

Do you work with a STEM mentoring or professional technology group? Add your listing.

AWITConnect is part of the Career Resource Center from CompTIA’s Advancing Women in Technology Community.

Use the site to find out about the different career areas in tech, meet real women working in IT and find out how you can inspire others to get involved.